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Welcome to the 21st issue of Evolving Internet Insights’ 🧠 Brainfood. A lot of things happen with the ceremonious “21”—buying “a round” for friends at the bar, renting a car, and trying your luck at the casino. A new era of life to explore as an adult.

As 🧠 Brainfood starts “adulting,” its content will change in this next phase of the journey (more on that below). But, in short, we want to thank you all for the thoughtful feedback you have given us since the start of 🧠 Brainfood and with our formal feedback surveys over the holidays.

We appreciate you! 🙏

Liang and Dan 🙌

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🧠 Brain Food

One focus topic to feed your brain.

🧑‍🍳 We Are Cooking Up Something

Much of the 🧠 Brainfood feedback we received from others, and subsequently validated ourselves, is to focus. Our readers loved the topics we presented, the arguments we crafted, and the insights we shared. 

Though, admittedly, each week’s themes were all over the map.

In this next iteration of 🧠 Brainfood, we will be bringing you well-informed and systematically-derived research pieces on the value chains and tech stacks within emerging tech. For example, how do we evaluate “middleware”/developer tool startups in the genAI space? What’s the framework for that? Who is building what in this sector?

With this, we’ll evolve 🧠 Brainfood to be multi-part research pieces moving forward to provide a more comprehensive view of an important topic in emerging tech.

What this looks like is we will pick a theme and release anywhere between 3-6 related pieces on that theme. The goal here is to help our readers build depth in a specific topic. (For breadth, see our weekly ⚡️ Insights newsletter.)

With that said, our first piece in this revamped framework will be ready on Tuesday, January 30th (no 🧠 Brainfood issue next week).


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